Another month nearly over, this year seems to be going really fast and all we are doing is chasing our tails trying to catch up. We have been so busy that I am struggling to find the time to even write on this blog. We have made a big decision and it is now fact that in June I shall be giving up working. We are going to try to get the holidays up and running as a source of income. This is really scary for us, as giving up money that we rely on for something that we are unsure will work in this economic climate is a big risk but we are willing to give it a go.

Anyway back to last weeks events (as I didn't get to post!). Saturday and Sunday Kev was out with Modesto sorting out his sheep and fencing. This left me at home with planting to do. All of the summer squashes were planted out and so far look to be thriving.
Sunday afternoon we built another bed for the runner beans. We have had little success growing these as it seems to be too hot here and the flowers just fall off as the plants wilt in the heat.


As you can see it is in the shade most of the we are hoping this fact will enable beans to set. It is at the front of Kev's shed near the herb wheel. This is the before photo.


Starting to lay the rocks down. We spent 30 minutes collecting these from off of the land, where the animals free range.


We placed cardboard along the bottom, to kill the weeds and to help keep the soil moist.


We filled it with soil from the land and compost. This is the bed now finished. The beans just need to be planted now.
Strimming again this weekend but looks like this will be the last time. The green is slowly turning brown as we haven't had any rain and all the weeds are producing seeds.

In the week, when I got home from work, I set about painting the seats on the terrace. 2 evenings and it was done. The next day it started to rain but luckily they were all dry!
Saturday - still raining. Raining on and off for 4 days now. Our water store has never been so full since the day we bought the house! Kev is a very happy chap and with more rain predicted we should be full to capacity by the end of this month.
Saturday evening I cooked a paella for our guest. He loved it!. He is staying until Wednesday and is really game to help out but the weather is just not playing ball.
Sunday morning we had almuerza with the shepherd, our guest loved that too and the red wine at 10.30am. The rain was still falling so we lit the range and I cooked tomato sauce and a lemon cake too. We have had a really lazy weekend, and it has been good but all we can think of is all the work not getting done. The beans still need to be planted out. They are getting very big now and won't last much longer in their paper pots! Obviously with all the rain the weeds have had a second lease of life and so need cutting back again but you can't do that in the rain. The swimming pool has about another 3 tiles to go and it will be up to the coping stones. We may have to pump some water out if the rain keeps falling for much longer otherwise we may end up swimming on the terrace!