The daylight hours are pulling in now. Instead of it being light when we get up at 6.30am it is now dark and this morning was no different. Although this morning, same as the last 4 mornings, it was very cloudy. We have had rain since Sunday. Thunder storms and miserable days. There are 3 good things to come out of this weather, 1. the garden is easier to dig, 2. the water store is being replenished and 3. Kev hasn't had to water the garden for 3 days now! This is our fourth summer here and we have never had rain like this, this early in the year. It should rain mid September/October so fingers crossed this is not all the rain we shall receive.
Since Monday morning I have been digging the garden, getting rid of weeds, roots and old crops that have finished producing. The brassica bed is now ready for the Autumn plants to go in. We think the beds look lovely when they are freshly dug.

Brasica bed ready for planting up

Herb wheel one tidied up

Herb wheel 2 ready for planting
I have cleared both herb wheels as the seedlings are now getting their proper leaves. Within the next week they will be planted out too. The wheels look so much better when the plants begin to grow instead of being just bare circles.

I have also taken cuttings from the sage plant. It is beginning to look very straggly compared to how it looked in the Spring. I used cinnamon powder as a rooting agent for the first time. Just need to wait and see if it works. I am going to dig the big plant up and replant it somewhere in the garden and then plant the cuttings, if they take, in the herb wheel.

Paxo our Tom (male turkey) has started to moult. We have been collecting the feathers as we find them during feeding times. I decided to try to make a feather duster from them. Kev found a piece of thin reed that could be used for the handle. The feathers were sorted into different lengths, shortest to longest and glued to the reed. I think it's not a bad first attempt, but as always, there are improvements to be made.

Kev has been a busy bee. He has been laying the new floor in the front room. It looks fantastic already even though it's not finished. I am just glad to be finally getting rid of the ugliest tiles in Spain. Every where you go they have these tiles, in all different colours and at long last they have been banished from my house!

The wonderful job of grouting it all begins today. Oh deep joy! At least this is the last floor in the house and so should be the last grouting job for yours truely.