Got up this morning to a cooler morning. A jumper is needed now when I go out walking. I am  a bit late with this blog post as we have been really busy with the bedroom. Last Thursday we went and bought lavender and a light grey paint for the walls and black out blinds for the windows. I wanted the bedroom to be a place where we could go and relax with calming colours. As for the blinds, they are great. They do exactly what they say they do.

I picked tomatoes in the week and decided to make bake beans to store for later use. I cook the tomatoes down with onions, blitz them and them add the beans. I got about 15 jars canned and ready to store.

At the weekend Kev went to a friends and picked the first grapes. I dry them to use in cakes and cooking and can them too to eat in the winter. Mondays job was sorting out the grapes into the dehydrator and canning. 15 jars done this week, with hopefully more to come.

Our friend the shepherd turned up with plums on Sunday night. I decided to can these too. We love fruit crumbles here, when the weather is cooler and these plums are just right for that. So 5 big jars of plums to store.

In the week another friend turned up with a bag of apples and another of figs. We love fig rolls here so I decided to cook the figs down and jar it for use whenever. This smelt lovely cooking down. The apples were stored sliced for apple pies and diced for fruit salads and cakes.

So this has been our week, painting and preserving mostly but it is that time of the year.