Another month is coming to an end. Time passes so quickly here, perhaps because we are always busy. How things change...back in England we would be constantly watching the clock, making sure we were not late for anything. Now, we use daylight to dictate our working day, along with the temperature. This last week has been very hot. I love the heat and it very rarely bothers me, but this week even I have found it hard work. 
Stanley, our new puppy, is doing really well. We have been training him every day for 20 minutes with treats, and reinforcing this through out the day. He now knows his name and is beginning to come when called. He will sit on command following a hand signal, so you don´t even have to speak to him to get him to sit. At meal times George is fed first and Stanley will sit and wait for his. He waits patiently while the bowl is placed in front of him and does not go to the food until he is told he can. This puppy is such a fast learner. He is just 12 weeks old now and has learnt so much this week. Obviously now that he has settled in he is more active. First thing in the morning he runs around the garden for about 20 minutes, just expending energy. He has found the bale of straw and just loves to jump and roll in it. He also does this mad activity just after his dinner as well, but we are realising that this is the best time for training him to fetch. We have a bucket lid that we use as a frisbee. He now runs after it but hasn´t quite got the hang of picking it up yet. 
Our little ducklings are now over a week old. We lost one in the week as it fell into one of the waterers and drowned. We are now making covers for them all so that this cannot happen again. The eight that are left are all looking strong and healthy so fingers crossed they stay that way.
The 3 turkey poults that I have raised are all thriving. This week they started to stay outside at night as it is so warm.  The first night they called a lot but now they are used to it and at dusk go into their pot to sleep. It won´t be much longer and we will have to move them to the larger run as they are growing so fast.
As for the garden we have been having real problems with the kiwi and the Laurel tree. The kiwi has lost all of its leaves and the Laurel´s leaves all turned brown on the edges...even the new growth had this! I tried looking up what would cause this but there are so many reasons that we didn´t know where to start. When I made cheese this week I gave the 2 plants the whey that was left over. We normaly water it down but this time it was neat, so to speak. Within 2 days both plants had new growth forming on them... amazing stuff whey.
This new growth is in 6 days!!!!

The kiwi with 2 new sets of leaves.

We also have pumpkin growing in the layered bed at the front. It is a massive plant and has a pumpkin growing on it. We love pumpkin roasted in the oven and also made into soup. We are hoping this plant will set a couple more fruits before it is done.

Finally, we had some of the eggs in the incubator hatch on Satuday night. These eggs were taken from the large layers. They are mating with our big red cockerel and all 3 chicks are red like their dad. These chicks hatched 2 days early and we still have 4 more in the incubator. Hopefully today or tomorrow we will have more.