Sorry to everyone for not posting last week. If you are on facebook or google+ you will know why. The story begins last Saturday when our friend the shepherd turned up for his usual glass of wine before going home for his dinner. Kev has been doing some work for him at his corral  as his sheep are having to move from the building behind us. We were sitting talking when  he asked Kev if he had any trouble with fleas, as where his sheep live fleas live too. He then proceeded to tell us that when he gets home he strips at the door, clothes straight in the washer and he showers to ensure the fleas do not infest the house. All of this was said whilst sitting on our sofa with his work clothes on!!!!!!
Hence last weekend was spent cleaning making sure that the fleas could not take hold. We sprayed everything at least 3 times. We have hovered up everyday since and still I am itching...all psychological as we haven't found any. I researched herbal ways to keep them out of the home and have found a lemon solution that we can spray the dog with as well as all the furniture. So I have made some and we will test that but we do have a bottle of the strong stuff from the vet just in case!

Today is the first day of my Easter holidays. We had planned to do so much this holiday. Building a duck pond was the major job on the agenda but now everyone wants Kev to go and do jobs for them, so looks like that will have to be put on hold for a while.
This morning I spent de-fleaing the house yet again...hovered and sprayed everywhere. I did a little bit of weeding around the base of the fruit trees too.
The shepherd turned up with a pig for us (payment for the work Kev has done) so Kev set about cleaning and cutting it up.
This afternoon I made hot cross buns ready for tomorrow (if they last that long). I also make a lemon and almond fruit loaf. I will add the recipes to my recipe page when I can.
The chicks are now living outside permanently. Kev made them a run with a roosting box and they seem to like it. Our cockerel (the one we bred) keeps flying over the fence into the garden. Today we clipped his wings...that will teach him!
The Turkey is still sitting on her eggs...they should hatch on the 9th April so not very long to wait now, it's all exciting stuff here!