Last Monday was very busy here. We had new visitors arriving that day. I just wasn't able to find the time to do this blog. This one will be a 2 week update and then weekly will resume.
As you will recall, if you read the last blog, we were preparing grapes for wine. We had already done a week of de-stalking, washing and pressing.

And this is what we still had to do. We decided that our next visitors would finish these off, as they were coming bearing gifts of lots of wine stuff we can't seem to find here.

Ian and Stephen working hard - de-stalking the rest of the grapes.

I found a new bread recipe that cuts down the time for preparing and the bread is fantastic. I have made loaves, rolls, currant buns and chelsea buns too. We have decided that if the range is being lit I will make the bread. We spend about 5 euros a week on bread and I can make the same amount for 2 euros.

One of the loaves

Some of the rolls.
We spent some time clearing the garden of the old tomato plants. We stripped the plants and then pulled them up.We still have 5 plants producing and looking healthy but now that the clocks have changed and the nights are getting cooler they won't last much longer.
While our visitors were here they worked hard. They helped to revamp an old planter into a new chicken house for the chicks. It took most of one day but it has 2 sleeping compartments and should house the next lot of chicks to go in the pen too.

They also found out how to prune almond trees. They spent a day, when it was cloudy, doing all of the trees. This was a great help as we just haven't been able to find the time and it is almost olive season.

The visitors also helped to make another rabbit run. The 2 baby bunnies are almost 8 weeks old now and we need to separate them. We are going to keep the female as breeding stock but the male will go.

All of them connecting the netting on the floor.

Another job that I wanted to do and needed doing badly was cleaning out the kitchen cupboards. I have been meaning to do this all summer but it just hasn't happened. It's a bit of a daunting task as I have so much stuff crammed into them and they haven't been don for so long. I decided to try an make it do able so am trying to do one cupboard a day, sorting and removing rubbish. So far I have done the bottom cupboards, just the wall ones to go.

On Sunday, we took George out for a walk and collected acorns. I have read on the internet that I can treat them by removing the tanning with water and then grind them down to make flour. We collected half a bag to try this and if it works we will be buying a grinder for next year so that we can make loads of flour.