Oh my how time seems to fly past. It has been months since my last post mainly due to family problems. I have been away in England for 8 weeks as my father was taken poorly. He didn't get over the illness and passed away on the 29th May. I stayed with my mum to try to help her adjust to life on her own. This means that there is a large period of time where not much has got done here. Having said that I am so glad to be back to my life and being busy. I will try to bring you up to speed with everything that is important and hopefully the rest will follow!
The most important thing that has happened since my last post, is the well is now sorted and pumping water into our water store. This has been completely life changing for us. Kev no longer has to go and fill containers with water for the animals. This used at least an hour of everyday and in the hottest part of Summer even more! We can now water our garden every evening using a submersible pump and a hose pipe. It takes about 30 mins now as opposed to 2 hours with a watering can. The pump we had installed in the well is 2.2kw. It pumps 6000 litres an hour. We have been putting it on for 30 minutes twice a week. This should decrease in the winter as we will not have the pool to top up and not so many plants in the garden. It has freed up so much time  taken away so much worry. As I said a life changer and oh how we love it.

The animals are next. We hatched chicks from one of our cockerels back in April. These are now ready to be culled for the freezer. There are 12 in total. We are thinking about jointing some and leaving some whole. We seem to have got the chickens organised now and can produce an endless supply for our freezer. This coming week will see a new batch of eggs going into the incubator to hatch 3 weeks later. We have another 5 ready to go in the big run so this makes room for the chicks in the small run. 

As for our turkeys...we lost our new male twizzler to a disease in June. This has meant no babies at all this year. The ducks are producing fertile eggs and one is sitting on some. Fingers crossed it is not too hot for them to hatch.