Got some more of the terrace seating done today, so thats 2 now complete. I had enough mortar left to do the back in order to move the fly netting to the outside. After some lunch, it was off to get some wood. Ive found a small pine copse about 10 minutes walk away where there are quite a few small trees that have been blown over. A few weeks ago I stripped all the twiggy bits off and hid the trunks in the bushes!!!!. Like a pillock I went to collect them at 2 o,clock (very hot) and had to carry them back over my shoulder!!!!  So far I´ve libereated about 12, and I reckon there must be another 20 ready to be cut up for winter fuel. I think that in the near future I will have a few hours down there with the saw and the axe, to get a load ready. Then go down in the car to load it up, as its a bit sore on the shoulders carrying them for a kilometer.

Todays main job was cleaning the pool. A lovely job in the spring sunshine but at this time of the year it´s torture!!!! Cutting back the seeded herbs was another job. The flat leaf parsley and sage are already starting to sprout again. We also sat down and tried to choose what winter veggies to plant as that is going to be tomorrows job. Oh and we got to see the womens cycling in the olympics too (well most of it as the signal was not good this afternoon).