Having visitors here means less time to write on this blog. I really need to plan my time better and I guess as we get more used to it I will be able to find the time to update more often. Safe to say I do feel guilty for not writing on here but we have been very busy.
It has been very hot over the last 2 weeks. 2 days before our visitors arrived the swimming pool decided to go green! We tried everything to no avail...it just got greener! This called for a visit to the amazing pool shop in Lliria. The lady in there is so full of information and really knows her stuff. Kev arrived home armed with PH increaser, shock treatment and as always a free gift for being a customer! It took 4 days and 2 buckets of the PH increaser to stabilise the PH of the water, the shock treatment was added and hey presto, within 24 hours the pool was blue again. Now all I have to do is spend my time hovering it!
Jan spent her 2 week holiday using the sewing machine and making loads of stuff for us. She made the covers for the cushions on the terrace, along with smaller cushions to go along the back. She then set about making 2 pairs of curtains for the house and repaired the nets around the terrace for us too. She has repaired one of the pool nets used for removing floating debris and even made a net for Kev to use to catch the chickens when wing clipping is needed! Jan designed and made new covers for the 2 sun beds and even made me a hot water bottle cover (all padded) ready for the winter months! She is a very clever lady not using any patterns. She thinks about what to make and how to make it, cuts it out and sews it all together!

We are very happy with all her hard work, we think its looks fantastic!