Got up late this morning as we went out last night to celebrate Kev's birthday. We were up at 8am and we are normally up at 6am to do some work before it gets too hot. Not today though.
This meant that it was getting hot before we even started today. We fed the animals and that was enough effort to make you break out in a sweat!
Kev decided that he needed to make roosting bars for Cranberry and her poults in the run. He made 2, one lower than the other so as they grow bigger they can roost at the same height as their mum.


                                                                 Turkey roosting bar the high one


                                                                   Turkey roosting bar...low one

We did buy another citrus tree today. A mandarin tree. We are going to get another big pot to put it in until the terracing gets done in the garden.  We are hoping that this will enable these trees to grow in relatively good conditions so making them stronger before we plant them out.


Kev then went out for a walk round and about looking for water pipes. We have decided that we need to have some form of water supplied to the house as watering the plants with just rain water limits what we can grow. So we have chosen to go for agricultural water, but we need to find a pipe relatively close to the house so that when we go to ask we can tell them exactly where it is. It is going to cost round about 2000 euros to get connected but then we pay 15 cents per cubic metre. At the minute if we pay for a delivery we pay 87 euros for 10 cubic metres! A big difference. We are reckoning that in about 2 years the connection will pay for itself but it will mean that we do have a small bill to pay each month. This can be offset by us growing more and selling our produce to pay for the water! We need to find a pipe first though!

I have spent a lazy day glued to the computer updating the many pages and blogs that we have. The turkey poults from the incubator come in too today and roosted on the gate and watched me work!


I really enjoyed today...not doing much and also having a siesta too. It made a change from all the busy days we have had lately.