Got up this morning to grey skies. When the sun did poke its head out it was warm but when it was behind a cloud not so warm. The washing was on the agenda this morning. Because of the flea episode we have been taking our clothes off and spraying them before putting them in the wash bin. This means that we have worn double if not treble the amount of clothes we would normally have worn in a week. Instead of it taking 2 hours to do the washing it took 3 1/4. This is not good as it was 12.30pm before I could start any thing else! But hey all our clothes are now flea free!
Then I set about spraying and hovering all the rooms again. I have decided to do this for at least a month. If it is hovered and sprayed every day for a month then hopefully there is no way any fleas (if there ever were any!) will  survive! I have made heaps of the lemon spray and tomorrow I will start to use this on the furniture.
Next I sorted out the range ready to light.  I made a lemon cake and it was lovely, even Kev was impressed! I made more tomato sauce ready for the week ahead. Also I picked the veggies from the garden.

Broad beans, purple broccoli, mange tu and spring greens!

The photo isn't very clear. My camera gave up the ghost in the week so I am having to use the video camera for photos. Decided to make a cheesy pasta dish for dinner. Pasta with home made tomato sauce layered with the veggies from the garden topped with cheese sauce and grated cheese. Sounds good and tasted even better!