In the last few days a lot has happened. It´s where to begin that is the problem.
The rains arrived on Thursday. It has been cloudy, cold and wet on and off. We had major storms on Friday night, the thunder made the windows shake it was that loud. Kev has been dipping the water tanks to see how much rainfall we have had and we estimate we have had 5000 litres go in over night. That is half a delivery...with more to come today...fantastic!
The chicks are now 2 weeks old and can fly out of their box!. They have doubled in size, wing and tail feathers are all developed now and you can feel their feathers coming through the down. We have been putting them outside in a cage during the day (when it was fine) and bringing them in at night. They have more room to run around in the cage but they are growing so fast that this will not be an option for long.
Chick run                                         Chicks enjoying themselves
Yesterday morning about 4am English time my daughter-in-law gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. His name is Daniel and he is my first guessing he will be a little spoilt. I am hoping to get to England in the next 2 weeks to meet him in person (and I can´t wait).
So today, after all the rain, the swimming pool is only 3 tiles off of overflowing. This extra water will be pumped into the water store (the one we use for the pool) ready for later when it is supposed to rain again. Kev would have an absolute fit if it were to overflow and waste precious water.
The ground is now very soft after all the are needed in the garden. I have been preparing the big beds at the back of the garden, for the seedlings we have grown, to plant them out tomorrow morning. I have planted out the squash plants...we have about six different varieties...they store well over the winter so are a good crop to grow.
I have planted out the new herbs. The first wheel is now full and the second wheel is half full. If all plants take then I will be able to cut and dry the herbs for use in the winter.
Squashes planted                          First herb wheel                         Second herb wheel
The garden is looking better as the rain has made the soil look brown and not so much like sand. All the work we have done on the wheel soil (adding the compost out of the toilet!) is paying off. The soil is now almost perfect, no clay to be seen.