Another month almost over and Autumn has hit here with a vengence. It has been cloudy and raining for the last 3 days. We really need the rain although it is not heavy enough to fill the water store, but saying that we haven´t had to water the garden. 
Chris, Kev´s son, arrived late Friday night for a week, so this weekend has been lovely sitting around chatting and catching up. He has come to help Kev put the fencing up but so far it has been too wet to do anything. This morning it is not raining so they are out on the land digging the holes for the fence posts.
Chris and Kev digging the first hole 

Making slow progress...can you tell who the visitor is?
This is slow progress because along this side of the land is bedrock. They have to use a hammer and chisel on every hole it make it deep enough for the fence poles.
Because of the rain the fruit trees are beginning to get new leaves. We were beginning to think that they were all dying with the drought. The cherry trees don´t seem to be doing anything but all the others are coming back to life!
Our walnut tree coming back to life!