Got up to another windy but sunny day. It was really warm out in the sunshine. We have been outside all day doing various things.
Kev needed to go and get a new wheelbarrow wheel as both of them have punctures or split tyres. When he tried to take the tyre off he bent the rim out of all recognition. Now we have a fully functional wheelbarrow...which is good when deciding to move rocks for the duck pond!
I started off with digging the last bed and also the asparagus bed. They are not quite finished but they will be tomorrow.

 When Kev went to get the wheel I cracked on with strimming the garden...yet again! Got the front done and around the fruit bushes. As I went along I weeded the fruit bushes and some of the trees...the garlic is growing well in them and seems to be doing its job keeping the green and black fly away.

The front strimmed

One of the trees weeded with the garlic growing

The cherry trees are just coming into blossom, as are the pear trees. The nectarine, peach and apricot have little fruit forming on them about 4 on each tree. Not bad for only the second year and they are still quite small. The grape vines on the fence are budding...this year we are hoping to grow them along the fence a little more to begin to make a natural screen to hide the fence.

I have noticed that the bay tree has little shoots growing at the base of it. I am wondering if I can pull these up and replant in pots to develop some new trees. I will try that one tomorrow and let you know if it works in following blogs.

Kev came back from the shop with 4 little ducklings. We think they are about a week old as they have tail feathers forming. This meant that we had to use the rabbit run for a make-shift run for them. We are thinking about bringing them in at night until it warms up a little even though tonight it will be about 10 degrees.


The make shift run

 They seemed quite happy in there...they went for a paddle in their water tray and were happily eating the bugs and weeds.

After that was done we collected rocks for the duck pond. We thought that would be finished today but I think we were being a bit optimistic there. Lots more rocks are needed to build a slope for the ducks to get in. We hope to have the rocks almost finished tomorrow but using a wheelbarrow is much easier than carrying them across the land.


We are going to build the rocks up until we can place flatter rocks on the top and hide the plastic container. We are worn out going to relax tonight before it all starts again tomorrow!

Oh just a quick note about the home-made weed killer....amazingly it works! The weeds I sprayed around the path are dying. Will be doing more of that tomorrow too. I will post the recipe on the site as it is organic and will not harm the natural balance of the garden!

The grass dying (not a very clear picture sorry!)