Realising that I have not posted for 6 months I thought I had better try to get back into writing again. I have had a very hard time sorting out in my head what is important and what isn't in life, since the death of my father. It makes you realise that life is short when you lose someone close and can really knock you for six. I still have bad days but more good days now and so feel that I can come back to blogging life with a renewed outlook.

We have moved closer to our goal of self sufficiency this year. I bought a massive pressure canner and am slowly learning how to can / bottle foods for storage and later use. This has enabled us to store so much more food and takes the problem of freezer space out of the equation.
This then gave us another problem of storage space for all this canned produce. As we now have our pozo (well) we didn't needs all of the water deposits for storing water. We decided a long time ago we wanted a cold room for food storage and considered building an underground mud bunker...we just couldn't find a place that we thought would be right for it. also the bedrock played a big part in this not happening. To cut a long story short, one of our water stores is just perfect for a cold room. It is half underground and was already there, just needed changing to repurpose this building.

We set about emptying the store, painted the back wall and Kev used palette wood to build sturdy shelving. We only did the back wall so that we could see the usage it got and what, if anything, we needed to change or add on the next set of shelves. We left bigger spaces underneath the shelving for storing vegetables, oil and anything else that is big. We have actually used this space for bags of empty jars.

When it finally rained here, we found out that our store room was not water tight. The water sat on the flat roof and would drip through hairline cracks in the store room roof. Luckily we had built up the floor around the edge of the store room so if this happened we had a few inches before the water did any damage.
We realised that we needed to change the roof. We could have added more concrete on the top but in the summer this would absorb heat and radiate it back into the store room at night. We decided to use sheets of corrugated bitumen. this enabled us to leave an air space for added insulation.

The final part of the repurposing was to paint the outside to make sure all hairline cracks were covered. It took 2 days to paint but hopefully now will be water tight. Over the last month we have kept a record of the inside temperature and it is around 11ºC. We are hitting outdoor temps of about 24ºC so it will be interesting to see what happens when the outdoor temperature goes up into the 40ºC range.

This coming spring we will build the next set of shelves and sort out the ceiling. We want to run bars across the concrete beams so that we can use this room as a drying room too. We hope to hang out bacon, chorizo, jamons and other cured meat products in here.