Another month gone, almost the longest day of the year. It doesn't seem that long ago that it was Christmas and now we are flying towards summer. This weekend we have had lots of storms here but not much rain. The skies looked full and you could see the rain falling in the distance. Enough rain fell not to have to water the garden but not enough to change the levels of the water store. Today we are back to sunshine with no more rains predicted. To say the garden is struggling is an understatement. Normally at this time of the year we have lots of plants producing but this year we have had nothing. The plants grow but the flowers fall before they can be pollinated. Where I have used permaculture i.e. built mounds, the plants are growing well but still production is low. We are trying to think of a solution to this problem and if any of you have any ideas please leave us a message to let us know. 
Since we have visitors here and they want to help us, we decided to crack on with putting in the watering systems in the big beds at the back of the garden.  One day was spent weeding the 3 beds and another cutting and connecting the drip feed hose. Hopefully when it is all connected to the blue container we can plant up some vegetables and bring some life back into the garden.

We are still in the process of moving soil into the new rabbit runs. It is slow work when it is hot here. We have to make sure we drink lots to replace the water we lose when working. We spent a day barrowing soil and still didn't get a complete run finished. 
One of our baby rabbits has decided he doesn't like living in the run with the others. He bounds around the land and sleeps in with the sitting turkey hen. Thursday morning we got up to 4 of them out and one of the big ones too!!!!! The big one managed to get into the garden and out under the fence. We thought we had lost her, but Friday she came back...a very hungry bunny and is now back in the burrow run with her sister. As for the little ones we got them all back...including Harry...but Harry was out again within a hour! We have decided to leave him as he doesn't run off and comes back for food, otherwise we spend the morning trying to catch him!!!!!
Josephine and her 6 chicks are doing well. She is beginning to leave them for short periods now that they are almost 2 weeks old. They have their wing feathers and are beginning to get tail feathers too. Another 2 weeks and they will go into the large run with all the others.

On Friday our duck egg started to crack in the incubator. We were so excited...our first ever duckling! Having never hatched a duck before we didn't really know what would happen, would it be the same a chicks and turkeys? We watched and waited. Saturday came and went and only a little hole had been made in the shell. We were getting very worried that the little duckling would die of exhaustion. Sunday morning, he had managed to stick his bill and foot through the hole but looked completely stuck! We made the decision to help and peeled off some of the shell...within five minutes he was out. Amazingly we managed to video the hatching, father in law was amazed as you will hear!!!!
Well that is about it for this week...we do have ducklings, poults and chicks due this coming week and we are hoping another hen will go broody on the mixture of duck and turkey eggs laid in one of the containers. Fingers crossed everyone.