This morning was sunny and warm, a vast change from the last week. It was just the weather for some good work out in the garden, but there was too much else to do to give me the chance.
The first thing done was to put the rabbits together again! If this time the female does not produce babies we are going to buy another female. This way we will be able to see if it is the male or not.
At about 11am our friends turned up to connect our second bank of batteries (the ones that got stolen) so now we are fully functional once again! We think that the inverter is on its way out, an expense we don't need at the minute. We are hoping it lasts a little while longer but it is making some really funny noises!
We tested the lye water again, but its still not strong enough. We boiled it up and put it through again. Perhaps we just were not meant to make soap! We are getting a bit fed up with it...we have everything at the ready but just cannot get the lye right. We have even thought about giving it a go with what we have and see what happens. I guess we will just have to wait a little longer!
Cleaning out the new chicks was another job! They are so dirty...4 little chicks...ah how cute... but they produce enough poo to cover the floor of the box everyday!!!!!! No other animal does that much in one day!!!!!
We decided to leave the massive cheese in the press again today. We will take it out tomorrow to check how well the press has worked.
Kev went into the village today and got some water. We fill up 25l containers and use this for watering the plants. Everytime he goes into the village to shop he fills up 12 containers, 350l every visit! This has cut down our need to buy water in as much.