Another month passes here. Time moves so fast. Spring will be upon us this month, although most of the plants think we are already there. The days are getting longer and warmer. Most days we are around 20ºC or higher and lock up is almost 7.30pm now. We have not lit a fire for over a week, not even the gas fire. 
We have had a pretty uneventful week here as it goes. Mum has been quite settled. She has been asking if she can help almost every day. She has been hanging the washing out, peeling vegetables for dinner and washing up most days. It has been good to see her getting a bit more involved. She has enjoyed sitting outside in the sunshine and is getting a really good tan.
Kev has carried on with the rendering of the front of the house. He now has the highest bit to do. I think we are both ready to see this job done. It has been windy the last few days so that has stopped him. We don't do anything that could end up in an accident knowingly, so ladders and wind do not go together here. As soon as the winds drop he will get back to it.

At the beginning of the week Jamie and I went out collecting rocks for the terrace wall. There are piles of rocks laying around down a track near our house. We just go and help ourselves. This meant that the terrace could be filled with more soil. It has taken all week, but the first terrace is now filled and ready to be mulched, to keep the soil from blowing away.

I have been trying to sort paths. Over the winter they have had lots of weeds pop up. It is a constant job to weed them and is becoming a pain. I want to find a way to stop the weeds for a while. I have put cardboard down to smother the weeds and put straw on top. I am hoping this will work for a while. I don't mind doing this job once a year or even twice, if it cuts down on the weeding, it has to be a plus.

The process of preparing the beds for Spring continues. This week saw the raspberry bed and asparagus beds get mulched. The raspberry bed had cardboard, straw and then goat manure put on it. The raspberry plants look very healthy. they are beginning to get their leaves and will soon be in flower. The asparagus bed however, is beginning to produce asparagus spears and so cardboard was not an option. I will need to do this bed earlier in the winter, next season, to allow the cardboard time to break down a little before the spears appear. This bed just had straw and manure put on it. 

The end of the week saw us putting the incubator on for another batch of chicks. The eggs are from our home raised batch of hens. We haven't had a good hatch rate lately and I am wondering if our hens are too old. Perhaps we need to add some new blood to the group. I have put 17 eggs in and now we have to wait 3 weeks to see how many hatch.