Another month passes us by in a flash, or that is how it feels. After all the rain a few weeks ago the weeds are taking over again. It doesn't help that last week while out walking I got a calf injury so am having to rest it as much as possible. It is covered with a support bandage and I sit with it up as much as I can stand. Gardening has been off of the agenda but it is really starting to frustrate me. 

We have had a bit of a week with Mum. She keeps saying she wants to go home but it seems that she thinks she lives in London where she grew up as a child, not where she has lived for 49 years. We have had various conversations all week. On Saturday she got really stressed/cross with me and stormed off. Kev followed her but he could not get her to come back. He came back to the house to get me, hopefully 2 people would be able to get her in the car but when we got to where he had left her, she was no where to be seen. Now, my mum is asthmatic, she stormed off without an inhaler, money or phone. We spent the next hour looking for her, it was very stressful. We were making our way back to the house to call the police when we spotted her, thankfully! We got her in the car and took her 2 minutes up the road to our house. She could not remember any of it. As far as she was concerned she just went for a walk!. Learning curve...the gate is now permanently padlocked. People coming round will have to be patient while we fetch a key to unlock. 

Kev managed to finish painting the rendered walls of the house at the weekend. 3 coats of white paint to cover the red but it looks great. Now just the rest of the house to do.

Kev has gone down with a cold. We have upped his vitamin C intake but it seems to have taken hold this last 2 days. He has been sitting watching the rugby and husking the almonds. They are almost done.

The garden is still producing loads. We have cherry tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, squashes, kale and broccoli. The brassicas in the front bed are doing well. We have cauliflowers and cabbage almost ready.

The seeds we planted have germinated and seem to be growing at a pace as do the weeds. I am trying to clear parts of the garden but I can only seem to work for about 10 minutes and then need to put my leg up. The photos show just how tall the weeds have got. The bonus is the animals love them. 

This was 10 minutes clearing and you cannot see what I have done.