We have been having problems with the laptop and this is the reason we have not posted for a couple of days...it´s great living in the middle of nowhere when technology fails you...completely cut off from the world!
Any way...we have been sorting out the wine making...making 3 different types...plum, the cheapest fruit we could buy this time of the year, blackberry that Kev has been picking from the hedgerows and pomegranate, Kev found a tree growing wild so picked a lot of fruit. They are busy bubbling away so in a couple of weeks we should have our own red and white wine.
We have been weeding the herb bed and cutting them back to try to encourage new growth...they seem to have new green shoots coming on them so hopefully we won´t have lost too much.
Today it rained! Kev was very happy, no watering tonight. It actually rained for about 3 hours so the water store looks a little healthier now...but we could do with a lot more. It is hopefully going to rain again later...we can see lightening in the distance so fingers crossed.
The seeds that I planted 3 days ago are beginning to germinate already...must be the heat here.