My last post of the year! How this year has flown by. We are feeling a little smug this year as everything seems to be coming together. The garden is pretty much done, the house is almost finished and the animals are beginning to keep us in meat and eggs. 
The weekend running up to Christmas was used to cull and dress the turkeys. The males were massive weighing in at 9kg when dressed out and the females were about 5/6 kg. It was a lot easier that we had imagined...the plucking took a while but the cone idea worked brilliantly. None of the animals got stressed at all and when we finally managed to find a pan big enough to cook it in, the meat was so tender and moist. 

Next came the preparations for Christmas orders, pork pies and sausages were made and then sold Christmas eve. 
Christmas day we all got up to rain! What a brilliant rained for most of the morning, which meant Kev got the day off from watering. We spent the day talking to family using skype, drinking champagne and eating. It was a lovely relaxing day. Boxing day was very cold. It was planned that the garlic would be planted but it was a bit too chilly to stay out in the garden for long, so another day spent by the roaring fire relaxing!
By the end of the week the tree circles had been cleared of all the weeds and Kev had chopped more wood for the fires, but other than that we have been rather lazy and we have thoroughly enjoyed it! 
Now that we shall be seeing in the new year, everything goes back to normal. We are starting to think about planting the seeds. This will be done by the end of January.
So all that is left to do is to wish you all a happy new year and may 2014 bring you all health and happiness.