Another year almost over and it has been months since I have written anything. This year has been such an emotional roller coaster for all of us here and we have really struggled to keep everything going. 
This year, beginning of January we had our first animal attack that burst the bubble of our dream. Ducks, chickens and one female turkey were killed. Bodies every where.  Beginning of February my father was diagnosed with dementia. My parents live in England and so it was decided that I would go back about every 6 weeks for a week, to help my mum out. March, we had another animal attack...only the ducks and turkeys that we could not get into the shed at night suffered that time but it was still soul destroying. And so it goes on. we have had family crisis after family crisis here. Being so far away meant that it wasn´t always possible to get back to help. This took a toll on our emotions and everyone then ends up stressed. This stress has lowered our immunity systems and so we all started to get ill. Silly things, head aches, colds to full blown bugs.
At the time it seems like an never ending cycle a bit like a treadmill that you cannot get off, which is most probably the reason for no writing. Who wants to read about the woes of living this way AND it was our choice to start it!
I have been in England 16 weeks this year. Most of it through Spring and Summer, our gardening times. So the garden has been a right mess and not produced that much. Jan has also been away a lot, about 10 weeks in total.
We set ourselves goals for this year and really, not one has been achieved, just not had the time or the inclination to do the work.
We have really, really struggled BUT we are still here. A bit battered, a little worn but still here holding on to our dream. 
I guess that this coming year we will be away a lot too, but I think that we can manage to work around the problems we already know about. 
In another way we have learnt loads this year. Our animals are safer than they have ever been. The ducklings hatched this year, all go into the big shed at night as that is where they hatched. I have done an amazing amount of reading about dementia and got to spend quality periods of time with my dad before he disappears completely.
This has been a testing time for our marriage. There have been times where blame has been given...what is it they say, you always blame the ones you love. In reality we have had no real control over most things that have happened. The ones we have, we have changed and improved. As for the rest you just have to accept that that is how it is. I do believe this is where we are now, accepting what is. Our happiness is returning as is our willingness to work.
I do hope that I haven´t switched you off from reading this blog, I just wanted to explain.
On a much more positive note...finally after 15 months we have approval for our well. It shall be dug in the next 3 months and this, for us, is going to be a life changing event! The ducks will have a pond and the garden shall have an abundance of water in the Summer. 
So to every one reading this we wish you health and happiness in the new year. May all your hopes and dreams come true. 
I will leave you with a photo...this mornings sunrise...