The last day of June already...time does fly when living here.
Got up this morning at 6am...sat on the terrace having a cuppa and watched the sun rise over the mountains, listening to the cockerels crowing and watching the animals go about their morning routines. The smallest 2 cockerels are beginning to crow...they sound funny, but I guess it's the same a teenage boys when their voices break.
We started off by filling the raised bed at the front. It is so big that it will take a while to complete. We placed sticks in it the other day and today placed the cardboard and paper on top.


Next we used the massive rock pile to find the soil and started to barrow it. We mixed the soil with some rough compost and placed it on top of the cardboard and paper.


You can't really see very well on this photo but this was 5 barrow loads taken away and hardly a dent was made in the mountain that was from the pool. At the same time we are sorting the burried rocks too ready for when we terrace the garden.


That was as far as we got today as within 2 hours it was far too hot for this sort of manual labour.

We went down to the turkey house today to check if the chickens had been sneaking in there and laying their eggs and found that Cranberry had laid an egg. This could mean that we may get another brood in about 6 weeks. It's very strange as all the websites say they lay only 2 lots at most. This is her third clutch of eggs this year. Obviously she must feel safe, secure and happy to be laying again and in the Summer too.

I took some photos of the squash plants we have in the garden. They are beginning to produce quite a lot now. I like to pick them small as they are sweeter when cooked. We have different varieties growing.


The plants


Ball squash


Pati pan squash





I love summer squash. We shall be eating lots of stir fries and salads tis year!