I cannot believe it has been 3 weeks since I have found the time to write a post. Time just flies past here. We have had 2 weeks of lock down with an extension of another 2 weeks at the minute. This hasn't really affected us much other than we have had to think about a plan in case Kev or I contract the virus. Mum has asthma and would be classed as high risk, so we would need to quarantine the contagious person to hopefully stop her from contracting it. What we have changed is Kev is the only one that goes out now and since we have heard there is one local village with cases he goes to the other smaller local village for what ever we need. 
The weather this month has been wet and dull. Mum loves to wash up, but this uses power for the pump and when there is no sunshine this can soon deplete the batteries. To stop this happening we have been running the generator for a few hours every dull day just to ensure the batteries are topped up. This means we are having to go to the petrol station twice a week for petrol to run the generator. We are trying to fit everything around these 2 trips so that Kev goes out as little as possible. One trip will be to the post office, feed shop and petrol station and the other will be to the local supermarket if we need anything and petrol station. Hopefully, when the weather improves we will be able to cut this down to just one trip a week as we wont need the petrol for the generator.

This month we have had eggs hatch. We got 7 little chicks from the 12 eggs we put in the incubator. Unfortunately, the last one to hatch out didn't make it past 48 hours. It is always sad to see this but this is nature and only the strongest survive. So now we have 6 little bundles of fluff living in the spare room. They will be put outside when they are fully feathered at 6 weeks.

While the weather has been wet and cold Kev has been using this time to build more shelving in the container. He has braced the 2 sets of shelves with metal bars and is using the bracing to store the bigger items like wood, plasterboard and the like. His shed is slowly getting sorted, as his tools are getting moved into the container. He has found his workbench again. The problem is he has a lot of rubbish bags that need to go to the ecoparque (that's the tip here), but that is not a necessary journey so they will be staying in his shed for the foreseeable future.

The rendering has stopped as it cannot be done in the rain as has preparations in the garden. We have been waiting for the sun to come out for what seems like weeks. After all the rain we have had we need a couple of days of sunshine to dry the garden out a bit before we can begin planting seeds. We had 2 such days this weekend just gone. We tried really hard to plant up our seedlings that were ready to transplant and get some seeds out too. We managed to get the sweetcorn seeds sown into two of the back beds. Alongside the asparagus I planted out the spinach and chard. Some lettuce and squash seedlings were planted out around the trees and the dill seedlings were planted in the herb wheel.

The climbing roses are loving all the rain we have had. They have new growth on them and lots of buds forming. When you consider I cut these back to just sticks 4 weeks ago, they have really put on a growing spurt. 

While we have not been as busy as normal in the garden, the chickens and ducks have been working overtime laying eggs. We are getting about a dozen a day at the minute. I have made pickled eggs, fritatas, tortillas, cakes, anything really that uses up lots of eggs. We would normally sell them but with the lock down people cannot justify driving here to fetch them.