Since the clocks went back it seems like it is dark so early here. It is about 6.30 pm now for lock up and the nights are getting chilly. We have had the fire on in the front room every night. We have had some lovely weather during the day though. Sunny and warm, great working weather.

On the agenda this week has been laying new floors in the bedrooms. Originally we thought laying laminate down would be a good idea, but with all the water problems that we have had, what with windows that don't fit and roof leaks, we decided tiles would be a better option. Plus the laminate was lifting in places where the water had warped it. 
We have gone for wood effect in all of the bedrooms so the tiles just go right through from the front room into the bedrooms. Mums room was first and we managed to get this done in a day. It was hard going. We didn't finish grouting until 9pm but Mum got to stay in her room without too much upheaval. It will be so much easier to keep clean and to mop up any leaks.

I am still weeding as and when I can find the time. I have been trying to clear the paths so that the almond husks can go down. They make a brilliant wood chip replacement. If we had enough I would use them for mulch all over the garden as they help change the soil over time. The weeds have just got out of control in places. Some of them are really hard to pull up, their roots are so deep. Not all bad news as this means they pull nutrients, from deep down, upwards to use and so improve the soil too. 

This post has been cut short due to a phone call at 5am. My daughter in law had lost her brave battle with cancer and is no longer suffering. We have been in a bit of a whirlwind since then. My son and grandson (7 years old) came for a quick getaway before all the hard work of arranging the funeral and sorting stuff started. I then went down with a horrendous cold spending 2 days in bed sleeping. I guess all the stress of the last year caught up with me. As for mum, she doesn't remember any of it other than my little grandsons visit and how he loved the chicks that hatched.