The last few mornings here have been cool and cloudy. It has felt like it was going to rain but sadly no rain has arrived yet. We really need some, the water stores are almost empty.
We have had another busy week, but we haven't really finished anything. We seem to be chasing our tails most of the time, moving from one job to another but never completing any of them. Kev has been saying all summer he needs to go and collect wood, as other things have needed doing this seems to have been left and left, making way for other jobs. Now we are getting to the point of wanting to cook on the range and he is panicking  as we don't have enough wood to keep us going through the winter. The teacher in me took over on Friday and we sat down and discussed what we could do to ensure the important jobs were always done. We drew up a planner (sounds simple) for the week with days allocated to general maintenance, collecting wood and water, cleaning out the animals for kev. ICT work, house work, garden and sorting the pool for me. I have so many pages now across the internet that the computer was taking up too much of my time and the garden was suffering. Since this is how we feed ourselves something had to give. On top of this we have begun to write a list for each i.e. as things need fixing in the house, it gets written on the list. Kev just has to check the list on his maintenance day and hopefully everything will run smoothly and more importantly everything will get done.
We have begun building the second tier to the terracing. I spent about three  mornings digging out rocks in the sunshine. It is about half done and that is where it stopped.

We had another 10 tonne delivery of top soil. The lorry driver managed to drop it as far back as he could, but our problem now is, we can't get the wheel barrow past it until we have moved a load of the soil.

We have planted out the brassicas, cauliflower, brussels, broccoli and cabbage in one of the beds at the back. When the rains come they should start to grow fast and by about mid November we should be picking and eating.
All the seedlings in the front, self feeding, bed have begun to germinate. So far so good with this little experiment. The real test will be in the summer, next year, when it is really hot and dry.

My brother and sister-in-law bought us an early Christmas present. It is a new cheese press that doubles up as a fruit press for making wine and cider. This arrived on Sunday. Now I need to get in touch with the shepherd to get some milk and use my new toy!

Sunday, I had a bit of a cooking day. I made tomato ketchup, tomato sauce for use in the week and jarred cooking apples to keep for winter use.