It is new years eve...where has the month gone? Come to that where has the year gone? We have been really busy this month with the Christmas fair at the beginning of the month.

My table with a range of stuff for sale.
 We got orders for stuff from that and so running up to Christmas was taken up with lots of cooking. I also made a few Christmas breakfast hampers that people seemed to really like. We are thinking that next year we will take orders for these too.
We spent a lovely Christmas here, relaxing for a few days, eating way too much and cracking the odd bottle of vino. It was lovely just to stop and recharge the batteries...ready for the new year ahead. Kev decided to go for a Christmas day swim!!!!! Mad is not the was freezing...but he did make us laugh...we posted this pic online for all his family to see.

On boxing day we culled a rabbit and a cockerel. The rabbit was massive about 3 times the size of the ones in the shop. The meat was for Saturday when we had friends coming around for paella. We spent a lovely day laughing and eating with our friends...and they liked the meat too!

On boxing day we noticed some baby bunnies in one of the runs. 7 little ones in total came out to meet was amazing to watch them using the burrows when they heard a strange noise. 

2 little kits enjoying the sunshine

This week we seriously got back to work in the garden. We finished the next terrace, filled it all with soil and made the path too. It took 2 days of moving soil in the wheelbarrow but we think it looks fantastic. We have also thrown some wheat seed on it hoping that it will germinate.

We have also been building another rabbit warren for when the babies need moving. We have refined the design and the containers used. We cut a water butt in half and put pipes at the side and front. We have used the lid of the water butt so that we can remove it when any babies are born. This way we are able to check that everything is ok.

You can see the set up

The tubs covered in soil...the opening is to the right.

We threw lots of seed on here and will water it too. Hopefully by the time the kits move in there will be lots of greenery for them to munch on.

So this has been our month. We had a brilliant Christmas and we hope you did too. Now all that is left to do is wish you all a Happy New Year. May next year bring you health and happiness.