Almost at the end of 2019. Personally for us this has been a hard year. It feels like we haven't accomplished anything. We know this is not true but it is how it feels. We decided to sit and write down the positives of the year, that we could remember. We managed to think of over 60 positive things we had done or learnt over the last year. When you see it all written down it gives you a boost. So perhaps it wasn't such a bad year after all.

It was a chilly morning this morning, about 3 degrees here. There is frost out the back of the house and some of the animals water buckets had a thin layer of ice on them. All of this will be forgotten by about 10am when the sun removes all evidence that Jack frost visited. 
Over the Christmas period the weather was very kind. We saw temperatures of 25ºC on Christmas day. We watched Kevs brother get in  the pool (mad fool!) it was freezing. The temperatures really drop as the sun goes down and the fires are lit. We spent a lovely few days with Kevs mum and brother, eating and drinking far too much but also laughing and remembering loved ones we have lost. 

Kev got a container just before Christmas. He was going to build another shed but when I found these it just made sense. It has taken another job off of him. He just has to kit it out with shelves and storage now.

The week before Christmas, mum got a new fitted wardrobe. The idea was to try and mirror the one she had in the U.K to try and make her feel more at home. The upheaval of her bedroom being moved around took its toll but she absolutely loves it. She keeps going in and sorting drawers and moving things around. We just need to sort paint now for a colour scheme.

Kev has been out the last couple of weeks collecting wood. We are almost sorted now for next year. We just need to get a bit more pine for the range. We go into the forest near by and cut up any fallen trees. This keeps the forest clear of dead wood and so keeps the risk of fires to a minimum and it keeps us warm too.

All that is left to do now is to thank you all for taking the time to read about our life and wish you all, good health and happiness for the coming year. Happy New Year one and all.