Another month almost gone. The weather here is getting hotter. I try to get out walking by about 6.30am so that it is cool. This is my me time, the only time I get without my mum. It is priceless for my sanity!

This week has been spent picking vegetables and canning for storage. Every other day I go and pick tomatoes, summer squash, aubergines and peppers. I cook up the tomatoes, then add the other veg for a few minutes, then can using the pressure canner. We have about 24 jars of mixed veg stored with more to come.

I have also spent a lot of time cleaning out the store room. I have moved left over jars from last year and made room for new jars this year. I have been canning more meat this year. I have filled this years space and still have more to do. I am trying to make space in the freezer for some sweetcorn when it is ready. Luckily with the new shelves Kev built I have room to move stuff around.


The ducks on the land seem to be producing babies well. We have about 4 hens sitting on eggs. Also we have a duck and her babies in a rabbit run, with onion the turkey and her ducklings in the turkey run. This is the second hatching this year so maybe lots of duck for the freezer.

As for life as a carer, we are all doing ok. The repetitive questions can be a little frustrating at times but we try to stay calm. This week we have had people in revamping our ensuite. Every 2 minutes comes the question  "is he done yet?"  Reminds me of when my kids were small, as soon as you got in the car to go anywhere it was  "are we there yet?" This makes me smile, even though it is sad. You have to see the funny side of life it keeps us all going.