Another busy week has passed like lightning here and now the end of the month too. The weather report for the weekend just passed, said rain all weekend...we got 30 minutes of light (and i mean very light) rain...enough to wet the ground but not enough to do anything to the water store. To say we are disappointed is an understatement. Our water store is so low now that either we will have to get a delivery (in which case then it will rain like it does in England!) or we will have to take the pump water to the house! 
Moving into the month of April now and this is going to be a very busy month for us. We have 2 lots of visitors this month and we are holding a barbeque on the 12th. We are going to serve 4 different types of sausage, all made here, no additives or preservatives, all natural and 100% meat! I have made most of the sausages, just the pork apple and oat ones to make. 
Work over the last week included digging out rocks and building 2 more terraces along the side of the pool terrace.

It is slow work but it is getting there. We are in a bit of a quandary 2 weeks to go before our barbeque. We really need a delivery of top soil to fill these terraces but do we want a massive pile of soil facing guests as they pull up to the gate?  The question is can we shift 10 tonne of soil before April 12th or should we wait until after, remembering that the week before I shall be in the kitchen everyday cooking, so this just leaves Kev to move it!
I finally completed the path to the chicken run. We had a nice day on Tuesday, rocks were collected, placed at the edges, then the path was filled with straw and covered in wood chips.

We need more wood chips to go on top, these will be collected next time Kev goes to collect wood. I must have got it right this time as even the dog uses this pathway down to the chicken run.
Wednesday we noticed that Dumpling had given birth. Her nest was so big that we couldn't see how many babies she had. Not wanting to disturb her we had to wait until Saturday before we got our first glimpse.
Baby rabbits
We still don't know how many babies exactly with think possibly 9. We are so happy with this. It will give us another source of meat. We really feel like we are making progress as we are now breeding chickens, turkeys and rabbits...just the ducks to go!
Thursday morning, we got up to be greeted by a neighbours dog. He is a lovely, soft old thing but George hates other dogs. It was a bit mad trying to get him out and keep George in. In the end Kev coaxed him back to his house with a pocket full of biscuits and all was calm again. When we have an animal or person in the garden the animals do not know, they become very vocal. Just as well we have no really close neighbours because it was very noisy. Cranberry decided to sit on eggs on Thursday too. She is brooding 13 eggs in an old dog kennel a friend brought us. Kev fixed the roof so that it is water tight so she should be cosy and warm in there for the next month.
Modesto brought me milk on Wednesday afternoon, so Thursday morning I made more cheese. I kept some back to use fresh this time. I added basil to the fresh cheese and placed in a mould. It was left over night in the fridge and then rolled in more basil.

Obviously you need crackers to go with fresh cheese so I made about 70 crackers. I was in heaven munching my way through this lot. Next time I get milk I will try different herbs and see which ones I like the best, I love experiments that work out this well!
Friday we found a banty hen had gone broody and was sitting on about 30 eggs!!!!! When she came out to feed I took about 20 away and placed 5 of our bigger eggs in there. She is now sitting on about 15 and looks much more comfy! Sunday morning we found another banty sitting on the eggs while the other was feeding. In another nest box we placed 11 large eggs hoping that in the next few days she will start to sit on these. If all these eggs hatch it would mean that we would have around 35 chickens for the freezer this year...that should easily keep us going so any extras we can sell or give to friends! 
At the weekend Modesto brought us a sheep. Kev did some work for him and this is how he pays us, with meat and milk! This is a great way to work for us as we always have lamb or mutton in the freezer. I set about another experiment, lamb and mint sausages. I made 5kg for the barbeque and for us. We really loved them so I just hope everyone else does too. From this sheep we still had all the chops, and 2 leg joints left. Modesto gave us the whole sheep...all the internal fat too. This is's like suet. We chopped a load up to make black pudding with and bagged it for future use and I also rendered 3kg down into lard. 
I also had a go at making lamb chorizo to cure...but when we fried the mixture up it was too salty. I am just hoping that the cured sausage will be better tasting than the fresh.