Another month gone and still so far behind on the list of jobs. The weather is still  a little mad. One day sunny and we think summer has arrived and then the next day windy and cold. We have even had more rain this week which is not normal so all the locals say.
Anyway back to this week. Our visitors arrived on Monday. The weather was cloudy and windy when they arrived and then the heavens opened. Not a great start to a holiday but we can't control the weather.
Tuesday was a better day. The kids went in the pool while Kev and Stephen started on the rabbit run. The first day they got the fencing up and the floor netting down.
On Wednesday they built a third hutch, as one of the chickens has decided to sit on eggs in the other one. So Stew now has a new hutch to sleep in.
On Thursday they put it all together. Logs have been placed in the run for the rabbits to chew on keeping their teeth healthy. Straw has been put on the ground until the weeds start to grow again. If that is anything like the rest of the garden that won't take long and the run will be covered!


Mrs Rabbit having a lovely time

Stew watching the female

Position of the 2 runs, side by side.

This is a fantastic life change for our rabbits. We are very grateful for all the hard work our visitors put in. This has made the rabbits lives 200% better and it is amusing to see them playing.

On Thursday evening we had the 2 turkey eggs hatch. This was brilliant. They were not due until Saturday 1st June but they hatched early and the kids got to watch it all. They were so excited about it all.

One of the little chicks. They are not as ugly as I thought they would be.