Today we decided to bath George. He hates it! He runs off and hides and we have to coax him out. I don´t understand because he always feels cooler after a bath and doesn´t pant as much. But he just hates water!!!! One funny thing he does do after a bath is run to the inside terrace and shake...so we always have to remove stuff before we bath him!!!
I finally found how to add a comments box to the pages on this site...2 weeks it has taken me...but got there in the end...so now you can all talk back to us and ask questions too, hopefully. 
I am thinking about adding to the veg and fruit pages. I want to add information to help others grow stuff if they want to. Would it be easier to use word or PDF format? Let us know what you think.
Also we have been discussing buying a garden shredder to help the production of compost as the weeds here grow with very woody stems. I have also looked for a (and think I have found the perfect) grinder that we can use for the carob and almonds. We will buy it when we go to England next week and bring it back with us. Will let you know how I get on with it and will be posting recipes that I try.