The temperatures here have increased, especially at night. Most days this week have seen the sun shining and temperatures of 15 degrees or more. Today, however, the wind is blowing. We are expecting this to last for the next 3 or 4 days. At least it is still sunny and the solar system is charging fine.
We have been really busy this week collecting wood. Kev has been out at least twice a week collecting and we were running out of places to put it. Jan and I spent one afternoon using the petrol chainsaw and managed to chop and stack 2 of the 4 piles. 

We have even collected the saw dust from this to use in our cold smoker we shall be building this coming year.

Conversion of the water store into a cold store room is well underway. The doorway hole is finished and the doorframe has been cut to size and fitted. We are now in the process of breaking up palletes so that Kev can build a door to fit. The weather is playing havoc with us getting this done. We get one bit started and it rains. Three times we have had to pump the store out to begin again. In the 6 years that we have lived here we have never had so much rain!

Last week saw our eggs hatch. 6 new little chicks to look after. Through the week 2 died but the other 4 look healthy enough. They are in a small run in the house until the weather warms up a bit at night.
In the week we spent a couple of days planting seeds. We keep them on the terrace and cover them up with material if the temperatures drop. We have utilized glass to make a sort of cold frame. We will just have to wait and see what grows. 

The wind has picked up the last 2 days here and it makes it impossible to do the garden, so we have been inside making. Mandarines are cheap at the minute. We bought 2kg and canned/jarred them. There is no waste as the skins we cover with vinegar to make an orange house cleaner.

Also this week my meat press arrived. I have wanted one for so long. Now I can make cold meats to slice for sandwiches and salads. I made some chopped pork and it worked out really well. Just need to tweek the recipe a little for our taste.