Today we had a go at making furniture polish. We used beeswax and olive oil. Heated it together and voila...natural furniture polish. To say I am impressed with it is an understatement. It is fantastic. It brings all the wooden furniture back to it´s former glory. Take a look at the before and after pictures.
before looking rather dry                                     after...looking much healthier

Obviously like everyone...we knew beeswax was good for wood but it also doubles as a skin softener. My hands feel very soft and smooth now and without any allergic reaction...bonus.
I am going to put the recipe on the recipe page and I would advise anyone with wooden furniture to give it a will never use commercial furniture polish again!

After using the polish we started to think about other cleaning products that we buy. Soap is the first thing we thought of. I have been looking at making soaps for a while but needed lye to do this with and didn´t know where to get it. On researching this a little more today we have found that you can make lye from wood ash...and we have 2 wood burners so we have an abundance of this.

Tomorrows job is going to be making lye water...I will post photos as we go and hopefully by next weekend we will have homemade soaps.
Here is a link for anyone interested in finding out how it is done