Hopefully this first blog post of 2016 will be followed by many as we seem to be getting our enthusiasm back. We have had a restful Christmas, time to recharge the batteries so to speak. We had days with friends popping round, good food and good company have done us the power of good. We are definitely much more positive about the coming year now.
The weather here is changing. It is very windy and cold. The fires are being lit earlier as we have been sitting inside in the warm.
This weekend has been spent culling the chickens and preparing them for the freezer. We have about 20 to do. We decided to skin these ones as it is cleaner and less time consuming. We have jointed some, made paella packs and left some whole for roasting.
The weather forecast here is for storms over the next week. We have been preparing. A couple of mornings we have been outside with the chainsaw. All of this wood has been boxed up and put in the kitchen to ensure it stays dry. We have also been collecting kindling and sticks for lighting the fires.
We have another 2 lots of baby bunnies that have appeared over the last 2 weeks with another 2 rabbit nests bursting with grass and fur. We want to cull some of the rabbits but we struggle with this when babies are due especially if we cannot catch mum building the nest. The last thing we want to do is cull a mum!
This week we have found another banty hen sitting on eggs. They seem to produce chicks at the drop of a hat. Trouble is they always hide in the garden. This one we found when cutting the grass and so we have had to leave her and the grass!

Do you remember Twizzler, our little male turkey poult. I thought I would show you how much he has grown over the last couple of months. He is getting a big boy and hopefully he will mate with our females and we will have lots of little poults in the coming year.