Oh my goodness, how time flies. Another month gone and only one post. Things tend to clam down around here this time of year (as it gets too hot to do outdoor work) so hopefully I will find the time to update some pages and post some new recipes...I did say hopefully.
Since my last post the turkey hens started to lay eggs again. Sage and Onion, as they are now known, are happily sitting on 12 eggs each. We candled Sage´s today and none were fertile. We have taken the eggs away hoping that she will come back into lay and our new Tom, stuffing has learnt how to mate properly!!!!! We candle Onion´s eggs the next time she decides to come off...we are hoping with all our hearts that her eggs are viable. 
Doodle our duck hen is now sitting again. She has been a clever duck and made her nest in the new chicken shed. This means that she is safe at night and any ducklings will be shut up at night with her. We have decided to candle her eggs as well just to make sure they are growing. Again we will have to wait until she comes off for food and water.
All of the new chickens (the first 10) are now laying. Counting the banty hens we are up to about 14 eggs a day. We have got a little inundated over the last 2 weeks. We have decided to try to sell about 5 dozen a week. This number may increase as we have the 4 new hens, purchased about a month ago, that are just beginning to lay too.
In the permaculture garden the trees are looking healthy. We even have apples forming on one of the little apple trees! The lettuce, peppers, herbs and strawberries are holding their own and the squash plants have just started to get flowers on them. We have a few kale, broad beans and peas too that seem to be doing well. This year was all about seeing what would grow and what would not. So far we seem to be doing ok but we haven´t hit the really hot part of the year yet.
We have been told that this summer is expected to be unreasonably hot here. The locals seem to know how the weather works and their predictions are normally accurate. For this reason we are making sure that this months outdoor jobs are to provide as many shaded areas for the animals as possible. We are also stocking up with frozen fruit pieces so that when the days go above 40ºC they have treats to cool them down. 
Out on the land we have 2 rabbits that have managed to escape the burrow system. Kev built a rabbit trap to try to catch them. We shall be culling them, as once they have escaped it is really hard to keep them contained. They seem quite happy out there but we could end up over run if we are not careful.