The sun is shining this morning but the wind is blowing yet another gale. It seems to have been windy here most days in the last few weeks. It makes it hard to go out and work, especially on the garden as if you loosen the soil it just blows away.
Back to last week.
Monday the weather was not so windy and we managed to get outside for a while. Our artichoke plants are once again growing they are now quite big. Trouble is they have all split into about 4 plants, so it is getting very overcrowded. We were waiting until the warmer weather to split the tubers hoping that the plants would survive the move. We want to plant them out on one of the terraces. Last year they grew to about 7 foot so they would give plenty of shade to other plants, allowing us to grow different things under them. We only split 3 plants but this created some space at the back and the middle of the bed. We got 7 new plants from this. 6 are out on the terrace and one is in a glass of water. This one didn't get a big root on it when we split it. We are hoping it will root in the water and then we can plant it out.

A little bit of space created.
The little chicks (that are not so little now) have spent most of the week outside. They are almost fully feathered now and really enjoy the freedom of their little run. In another couple of week they will be joining the other chickens in the big run. Not bad considering they would have died left to mother nature.
Kev was out 4 days last week. That left me at home. I spent the 4 days spring cleaning the house and it still isn't finished! I used all natural cleaners a mixture of lemons, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. They work really well and they don't affect my skin!!! When I got fed up with cleaning I went out and chopped wood for the wood store and stacked it. This will hopefully be for next years supply. The trouble is it is going to take a lot of time to fill our store and we are getting to the busiest time of the year with planting and developing the garden more. 

This is what i have cut!!!!!

And this is what is left to cut!!!!!!!
The weekend weather was better. We sorted out another little house for the turkeys to have. We have 3 females now and the 2 youngest are now laying. We have found eggs all over the land. The seem to like one little bit behind a wild tree that has grown near the fence. But this is just too open for them. Now they have a safe, enclosed area in which to lay eggs and hopefully sit. Fingers crossed!

Bodged up completely...luckily turkeys are not fussy!
We also started to set up the watering system for the mounds on the terrace. We got 2 of the mounds done with the thrid being finished this week (hopefully!) I am going to plant strawberries, lettuce, onions, spinach and what ever else takes my fancy!
On another mound at the bottom I planted some onions, seeds will finish this mound off this week as long as the wind dies down a little.

The watering system on the first ready to plant up.