After 5 days solid rain the sun finally decided to shine. The garden soil is very wet so no watering for Kev, he is a very happy man!
When Gary was here they got the massive water container moved and in place, ready to install the watering system for the trees. This will make a daily chore more bearable as when the beds are planted up it can take up to 1 1/2 hours to water everything.
In the week we found eggs in the turkey house. Yeah!!!! We took 2 and put them in the incubator just to see if we could hatch them. Reading on the internet they are notoriously hard to hatch, but we will give it a go and see what happens. Cranberry will lay more eggs until she has another clutch and then she will sit. This time we have made a dust bath for her in the pen so hopefully she won't fly out anymore and leave the eggs. We think that another week and she will be sitting again!
One of the little chicks died in the week. Again I used the internet to see what was wrong but could not find anything to match it's symptoms. The other one seems fine other than it is now on its own. This is not good as they are social creatures and like company. We may have to put her out in the run with all the other little ones even though she is not properly feathered yet!