Oh my goodness, feels like forever since I have had the time to sit down and write again. It is exactly 3 months to the day since my last post. I went to England for a couple of weeks, to sort out care help for my mum who is caring for my dad. That couple of weeks turned into nine weeks and since being home 3 weeks we have had back to back visitors. To say I am tired is an understatement! Today is my day alone... guest left this morning and Kev is out... it suddenly dawned on me how much I have missed writing. Not bad...3 hours without doing anything! 
So where do I start? With being away so long the garden has gone to pot...Kev just didn´t have the time, or the inclination to keep on top of it in the 40º heat. He had enough to do keeping the animals cool with ice runs for water buckets and iced veggie runs for treats...this is all extra to normal daily jobs. I guess for the next few weeks I shall be sorting the different areas of the garden, replanting herbs and putting in the winter veg.

Looks like a real mess but it is protecting and improving our soil until we get around to planting something in it.

It makes me smile when we have Spanish visitors that keep gardens here. They constantly tell me what I am doing wrong and give me a better way of gardening. Then tell me because of the heat, they have nothing surviving!!!! Yesterday we had one such visitor. He is a neighbour (well about 1/2 km away) and he came for a visit. He looked at all the so called weeds in the garden and started to pull them up, thinking he was helping. When I explained I had left them to keep the soil in place and to help the soil with their roots...he just looked at me like I was mad. When I went on to explain I pull them or cut them in the mornings to give to the rabbits as extra food... I think he thought I was insane!

Over grown permaculture bed!

We have been trying out permaculture and developing areas of the garden. We have such a big area it was not possible to do it all at once. The rest has been left, mother nature has done her bit, given us a ground cover and even some bushes.

I have been walking around the garden today to see what I could find growing. We have peppers, green and red, squashes, summer and winter, a few herbs left, sage, mint and a basil plant too. My asparagus bed looks very healthy. The same for the artichokes, they have died back and are beginning to re-shoot as the weather is cooling down. We even have some runner beans beginning to form.

So this is where we are up to today. I will not leave it so long to write again as we intend on putting in lots of hours to begin developing more of the garden. My camera will be glued to me to ensure lots of photos of our progress.