Got up this morning and watched the sun rise over the mountains. Nature can put on some spectacular sights if you take the time to watch them. 
It is getting exciting here and also frustrating at the same time. I have been emailing a company about drilling a well on our property. I am such an impatient person that I want everything done yesterday, so it is exciting in the fact that this will change our lives so dramatically and is in the very near future, but frustrating in that we have been emailing backwards and forwards for 3 weeks and I still do not have a date for the site visit! Our lives revolve around water and not having enough, so when I say our lives will change is almost unimaginable. This year because of the severe drought we have not been able to plant the vegetables, the seeds sown did not germinate or not survive the harsh conditions. Kev has been collecting water almost on a daily basis but this has only been enough to keep the fruit trees going and supply fresh water to the animals. We are constantly thinking about our water usage and how we can save more for the garden. To have a well means all of this worry will be gone. We will be able to plant more fruit trees and know that they will produce as they will be able to have the water needed to produce fruit. The garden will be able to be planted up every year and water systems will be able to be used all around the garden and out on the land too. This will free up so much time in our daily routine and make life just so much more pleasurable.
Also we are looking to replace the kitchen units, having a double sink put in with a 6 ring gas hob. This year we have not been able to light the barbecue as there have been fire warnings out almost every day. My hob at the minute you can only use 2 rings at any one time as the pans do not fit and keep sliding off. Having a 6 ring hob will be heaven and make cooking just so much more enjoyable.
On the garden front we have been getting ready for the autumn planting. Lots of seeds have been planted up in yoghurt pots and are sitting in the shade of the terrace until they germinate. The shaded beds have been tidied up with the root vegetables planted straight out. They should not take too long to germinate (all be it that we can keep them watered well) as it is very warm here. Even at night the temperatures rarely fall below 20 degrees Celsius, very warm nights.

This soil was clay and has changed so much in the last 9 months.

We are in the process of implementing permaculture principles onto one of our vegetable beds at the back of the house. We have dug out trenches (swales) and have built mounds (berms) using wood first, covering with soil, sheep dung and straw. The idea being that when it rains the water will fill the swales. The water will seep slowly into the berms being stored in the wood and slowly released for the plants to use. We have planned to build a reed bed to put our grey water from the washing machine and sink. The reeds should clean the water and then the rest of the bed will benefit too. The trouble with the bed is that it is in full sun all day, so we are going to make trellis and an arbour for grapes and kiwi plants. As they grow they should give shade to the reed bed hopefully cutting down the evaporation. This is our trial bed...if it works as it should, this coming winter we will extend the idea right across the back garden, utilising the run off from the waste land at the back of the house.

Two swales outside the fence and one inside. We need to fill them with wood chips so that the water movement slows down across the garden.