Another month gone! They year is almost over. The time flies here. Apologies for not posting for such a long time. I had to go to England for my youngest sons graduation. I stayed for almost 10 days as my dad was not very well. There was lots of stuff needed sorting out for my mum and I have decided that I shall be going back for a visit every month or so just to check they are OK.
We have finally had some rain. Enough to half fill the water stores. It rained solidly for 2 days, everything was filling up, including the pool. We only had one tile left before the water was on the coping stones.To say we were panicking a little is an understatement.
On the plus side we did get to see if our swales and mounds worked. The swales filled up with water...all that hard work is beginning to show positives. I now cannot wait to get planting out the trees and veggies in there next Spring.

This is just one of the swales. They we all full with rain water.

We had a rabbit get out of the run about 4 weeks ago and we could not get her back in. This is unusual in that the rabbits always go back in for their snacks and treats, but not this one. Then last week in the duck house Kev found these little wonder she wouldn´t go back.

How cute!

Since arriving back from England we have been preparing for the Christmas fair that is going to be held here on Saturday the 6th December. Our long term guest has been sewing and knitting stuff for it and I have been making chocolates and cooking. My trip away came at completely the wrong time and with my dad being poorly I didn´t have chance to do as much promotion as I should have done. This means we haven´t sold as many tickets as we would have liked but at the end of the day, what will be will be, and if nothing else it will be a chance to meet up with friends that we haven´t seen for a while.
Some of the chocolates

The tree decorations Jan has made.