Another month gone. How time flies. We are now in the final month of 2019 and I can honestly say I will be glad when this year is over. Hopefully the new year will bring less heart ache for us.  The last few days here have been miserable, wet and cold and this morning is no different. The temperatures have dropped a good 10 degrees since Sunday. So we have been inside with fires lit and I have been cooking to keep busy.
We have been trying to get out to do Christmas shopping this past week but have failed dismally. Mum hates shopping now. She always loved it and running up to Christmas she would be getting so excited making stuff and buying presents. It is such a shift to see her so uninterested. It pulls on the heart strings for what used to be. We should be preparing together, where as instead the only thing that has registered is that Kev's mum is visiting and we have to buy her a present. When are we going shopping, is asked at least 30 times a day but when we say, right we are going shopping, mum says, you go I will stay here...and so we don't go. If we haven't been by next week I will have to go alone and do it all. 

This week has seen me deep clean the terrace. Now that the perspex is up, the wind is not blowing in all the dust. So I have cleaned from ceiling to floor, washed all covers and painted the seating areas again. It is amazing what a little bit of paint can do. I have been using this area now first thing in the morning to have a cuppa and last thing up until about 9pm as a reading area as it is now so warm. 

As we knew the wet weather was coming we had to prepare for lighting the fires earlier. We spent a few hours chopping wood for both of the wood fires. We use pine and almond on the range, pine to get the temperature up for cooking and almond to keep it at the temperature. The other wood burner in our bedroom will take much bigger bits of wood so we only use about 3 bits a night. We also had to make sure we had enough kindling in to light the fires with. We collect this and store it in boxes on the terrace to keep it dry. 

The garden is still producing. We have peppers, aubergines, kale, cabbage, beetroot, lettuce and spring onions. We also have broccoli, cauliflowers, spinach, brussels, chard growing. Some may be ready for Christmas and some will produce early spring.

We decided to dig up one of the pepper plants, put it in a pot to see if we could keep it growing over the winter. The idea is to have a fully grown plant to put out again in the spring. The frost will kill the plant in the garden and now we have the perspex we are hoping temperatures on the terrace will be higher over night.