Woke up this morning to sunshine with a few clouds in the sky. It was a bit chilly so I decided to do some painting. The windows in this house are brown...not really a nice colour. We have chosen white to try and brighten the place up. The windows and shutters just lift off so it was easy to paint the frame and the window frames too! They had 2 coats of white gloss and were dry and back in place this evening. I painted the frame and then went out on the terrace to paint the windows. When I went to do a second coat on the frame a tiny gecko had walked all over it and was stuck to the paint work. I had to get a blunt knife to rescue it and set it free.
Next I set about cleaning the pool again...more chlorine was put in...hopefully tomorrow I will be able to finish it off. The water is still not really clear but it is getting there a lot faster than last year.
I strimmed the back garden again, after all the rain the weeds have returned with a vengeance. The soil is still very damp even after 3 full days of sun, but its good for the veggies.
The carrots are almost ready to pull now...the artichokes are going mad...they are as tall as me with about 50 heads coming on them. We have cropped them twice a week for the last three weeks but it looks like I may have to freeze them soon.


We have had mange tu, broad beans, broccoli, cabbage, spinach and all the herbs so far this year. The lettuce are almost ready as are the raddish. The tomatoes are in flower and the herbs I planted in the sinks are just beginning to sprout!

This afternoon I set about planting the potatoes. We have decided to do them in a raised container this year. We used straw and compost. The straw goes around the outside of the wire container to keep the soil in. you place the potatoes in the middle and then cover with soil. As soon as the shoots appear you add more straw and soil to encourage them to grow up. On the internet they reckon you can grow 100lbs to every container. I will let you know if it works. It will be a real space saver if it does!