Another month gone, time passes so quickly here, perhaps because we are always busy and never really think about the time. The beginning of November has been really warm, still no rain. We are considering having a water delivery as the tanks are so low. We keep putting it off hoping the rain will come, I can see that Kev will be doing his rain dance soon...I will video it haha.
If you remember last week, we had picked acorns. On the internet it said to remove the tannin boil the acorns in water and change the water regularly, until it goes clear. I boiled the first lot for 3 days!!!!! And still the water is brown! Giving up on that one. So this week I am going to put them in a solution of bi carb and water and leave them and see what happens.
I talked a few weeks ago about us making a planner for the week that we could follow that would enable us to get all the little jobs done that just get left. This is working out well. Things are now getting fixed almost as soon as they break, stop working.
Over the week I have made roasted carob powder and raw. I now have 2 full jars in the store cupboard. I have brought all the dried ones in and we are storing them so that through the winter I can make it as I need it.
This week we decided to cover the pool with the picking nets to see if we can stop all the stuff that flies in the pool over the winter. We have weighted the nets down with rocks and they are positioned so that we can still run the pool pump when it is sunny. We are hoping that this will make the pool easier to clean next spring.

Kev has found a place where wood for the range is just laying around. So he went and filled the car up with it one afternoon. This is going to be a weekly job to ensure we have enough small logs for cooking with. He just has to find the time to cut it all up now and put it in the wood store. He is also thinking about splitting one of the wood stores, one side for range logs and the other side for the bigger stuff that goes in the wood burner in the front room.
When tidying out the vegetable rack, we came across some shooting ginger that we had forgotten we had. We planted 2 of the shooting roots into a large pot. We are hoping that this will grow and that we can dig up our own ginger root instead of buying it.
As we are trying to cut out the shopping bill as much as we can, we decided to have a go at making ginger beer. I found a recipe on the internet...good old Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall to the rescue again...and made 4.5L of the stuff. It is very fizzy and the gas needs releasing every day but it is very good too, especially mixed with red wine! We are making more already!

The cooking experiment this week was gingernut biscuits. I have got a recipe that works brilliantly, and they are the real thing. They are rock hard and very gingery! If that is a word!

Through out the week we have been trying to get the new rabbit run finished. The weather has been very warm and so shovelling soil was not really a job that either of us wanted to do. We took our time doing about 10 barrow loads a day. We wanted the rabbits to be in as natural an environment as we could make. We used a plastic water tub and pipe to make a little warren bit for them. We covered this with soil and will hopefully grow grass over the top of it...when the rain falls!

We are very happy with this and we think the little rabbits like it too. They went straight into the burrow to investigate.
We racked off the 3rd lot of wine into demi johns and now we have to leave them all until they stop fermenting. Then we can bottle it and leave it for a while.
With it being November it is olive picking season. Busy, busy for everyone.