This morning was sunny with clear blue skies. I sat out on the terrace, watching the animals on the land, with my morning cuppa. I just love this time of day.
First job of the day was to cut back some of the oregano that has gone mad. I thought it was a low growing variety, as through the winter it stayed very close to the ground. Now, however, it is about 2ft high and taking over the next segment of the wheel. I got rather a lot off and it still doesn't look like I have actually touched it. I put the cuttings into bunches, wrapped string around them and hung them on the drying line in the kitchen.


 bunches of oregano and 1 of parsley.

Next job on the agenda was to clean the pool...yet again!. We had to do 3 back washes to clean out the filter and it still isn't clean. I brushed all the walls down to remove anything that was on them and now the water is very murky. We are going to have to blitz it with chlorine again to try and clear it.
Kev cleaned out all the animals and gave them fresh bedding. As we are gaining more animals this job is taking longer and longer every week, but its doing the compost bin good!
In the afternoon Kev put the crosses on the edging of the terrace. We think it looks fab and will serve its purpose.


I then got out the solar lights that I bought 2 years ago (waiting for this moment) and threaded them along the top of the reeds. We also moved the planters into position and planted more cucumbers. We think this will look rather good with the plants and the lights.


                                                            The black square is the solar panel for the lights.

After all this we sat down to have a well earned alcoholic beverage in the sunshine. While we were sitting we noticed the broody hen had come off of her nest and she didn't seem very well. We checked the eggs and they were cold. We candled them and the ones we thought were ok we put into the incubator with the turkey eggs. The hen, we think, had a blocked crop so we tried to give her olive oil as this sometimes helps to unblock it. We will have to wait and see what happens in the morning.
It is getting very frustrating this breeding malarky. Our hens are going broody but are just not sitting well enough to hatch any babies. We felt very low this evening...not only 14 chicks possibly dead but mum may be gone in the morning too. We will jut have to wait and see.