Got up this morning to brilliant sunshine again. We have an amber alert out here for forest fires as they reckon it has been the driest winter for 150 years!!!! This means if you live near a forested area you cannot use machinery, barbecues or anything that could give off sparks. For us this is a bit of a problem as in the Summer we use the barbecue to this year I will have to improvise and just use the gas hob we have in the kitchen.
Last Monday we found 2 little turkey poults had been hatched to Cranberry. We were a little disappointed as she normally hatches about 9. Our fault as all 3 turkey females were laying eggs but we think only Cranberry was fertile at the time. The other turkey hen that was sitting had real problems with her eggs. She decided to sit in the most daftest of places...under a tree by the fence...and so all the other animals could see her. We tried to block it off using boards but this didn't deter the chickens from going in there and laying eggs when she was out eating. This then turned into breaking and eating all of the turkey eggs and so she lost all of them. Trouble was she still wanted to sit and so now is happily sitting on duck eggs in one of the containers out on the land!!!!!

All of the animal houses have been spring cleaned with apple cider vinegar. I washed out the houses and then spray the vinegar all over and allow it to dry in the sunshine. It is supposed to act like an antibacterial and the smell keeps all the little bugs out too. 
The baby bunnies moved into their new run as well on Monday. They absolutely love it. They act just like they would in the wild... if they hear a noise they all dart into the burrows to hide. It is lovely to see and most evenings Kev and myself just go and sit in the run and watch them.
Baby rabbit video
If you have been following this blog you will know that we are trying out permaculture to see if we can improve our crop yields. This has meant completely changing the way we think about gardening. Nothing has been planted in rows and everything has been left to grow ... even the weeds as they grow for a reason. This has meant that there is an abundance of food available for the baby bunnies to eat. Twice a day I go and cut or pull the weeds and feed them to the rabbits. This has worked out really well and the rabbits love it. Ideally we would like to get stuff growing in their run but until that time this is the next best way to supplement their diet with natural food.
Tuesday I found one of our little banty chicks had a closed eye. It looked like conjunctivitis to me and so she was segregated from the others as it is really infectious. I gave her apple cider vinegar in her water and started to research what i could use instead of antibiotics to sort out her eye. I came across information about olive leaf tea and how it can be used for various ailments. Since we have lots of olive trees I thought I would give it a go. I boiled up the olive leaves in water and then allowed the liquid to cool. I washed her eye 3 times with this solution and hey presto it had gone...her eye was open and not red anymore!!!!! Apparently it can be used on humans too to sort out eye we will be giving this a go the next time we get an infection.
Wednesday and Thursday were spent putting up the fencing on the 3 new rabbit runs. This was as far as we could go with it as our supplier was waiting on a delivery of wire netting that we use for the floors. This time of the year there are lots of fiesta days and this hampers delivery a week on we are still waiting...but living here in Spain everything is tomorrow and you just need to be patient ( even though patience is not a virtue of mine!) It used to really annoy us this mentality but we are slowly coming to accept that is the way it is... no amount of getting annoyed will change it and it is just wasted energy that could be better spent doing something else.

Friday morning we culled another turkey. I made turkey and red pepper sausages for orders and for us too. Kev really liked them so I guess I shall be making them again!
We were really, really tired by the end of the week and so decided to have a weekend off. We got the sunbeds out and sat out in the sunshine. Friends came to visit and people popped in to pick up their sausages. We had a cooked breakfast, well brunch really, a 2 hour siesta and then went out to dinner at a friends house...what a great day off!!!!! Sunday was spent sitting on the terrace and I cooked what will be out last roast dinner until the Autumn.
Over the weekend our little brown banty hatched 4 chicks and then left her eggs. We realised that 2 were beginning to hatch and so put them in the incubator. Both chicks hatched but they have splayed legs, from the temperature changes when mum got off the eggs. I shall be splinting their legs today and they will be up and walking around in no time. 
Next weekend I shall be flying to England. It is our fathers birthdays (on the same day!) and I am going back to see them. Kev should have been coming with me but he realised a week ago that his passport had run out!!!!! So he will be holding the fort here. Next weeks posting will be Tuesday as I don't get home until late on Monday. Until then...enjoy your week.