Not been on for a few have visitors here and seems a bit rude to spend your time on the computer, but we have been doing loads.
My friend has been making curtains for the terrace and paper pots to plant the seeds in, fantastic as I hate making the pots!!! Our other friend has been making the wine, it has been bottled and is now sitting for a while until it can be drunk!!! (Can´t wait to try it!)

Kev has been out collecting wood. He has a second wood store on the go now, so hopefully by end of October we will have enough wood to see us through the winter.
I have been doing the usual stuff...planting seeds, cleaning the pool and cooking. The seeds planted last week have a begun to sprout...beans, squashes, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce to name but a few. We cheated a little in that we went and bought some cabbage and cauliflower plants from the shop so that when it cools down enough to cook a roast dinner again we have some veg ready in the garden to use.

We sat out on the terrace last night and could hear a strange noise...found that some of the wine bottles had popped their corks (apparently this is not good) but we will see what happens!
We candled the chickens eggs and found 7 of the nine are growing in about 10 days we will have more chicks. The 12 weeks for the first lot was up we have to wait and see if Kev can actually carry out the deed of slaughtering them...if not we may have to sell them instead!!!!
It is fresher here now, hot during the day but we are now able to sleep at night as the temperatures drop when it gets dark. Only problem with that is that the pool is getting cold...almost too cold to go job, solar heater on the terrace roof to see if we can extend the swimming season.