We have certainly had an eventful week here. It started off with rain, rain and yet more rain. We live our lives outside in the garden and to be shut in the house so much is very wearing. Anyway the sun shone on Friday, it started with a glorious sunrise and by the time mum came out for breakfast it was warm enough on the terrace to eat breakfast there. Kev and I were discussing what we were going to do outside when we saw mum slump in her chair. I caught her and Kev ran to get a duvet to put on the floor, so that we could lay her down. She was gasping, eyes rolling until they became fixed. We managed to lay her in the recovery position and put a pillow under her head.  She was unresponsive for a good 30 seconds on the floor before starting to come around. After she was very tired, so we left her to rest for about half an hour before moving her to the settee. Within an hour she was back to telling Kev she was going to smack him, so we knew she was on the mend. She had a little snooze for about an hour and then was as right as rain. 
Since the clocks went forward mum has really struggled with sleep. She has been up and down all night. One night she got up to have a shower at 3.30am. She said she could hear all the workmen outside talking and thought it was time to get up. I got her to go back to bed but then I could not get back to sleep. Her sleep pattern has changed from a 12 hour sleep 9pm to 9am, to basically up every hour and half or so. We think this was the beginning of the funny turn. I am keeping a record of all changes hoping that we will be able to see a pattern and pre-empt another mini stroke. With the type of dementia mum has, she will be prone to these funny turns every now and then. The funny thing is (well not really) all I could think was you cannot die we are on lock down!

Whilst the rain was here, Kev has spent a lot of time sorting his shed out. It seems to be taking a long time but it was packed to the rafters in there. He can now see the floor and has found his workbench! He has been moving cupboards and shelves around to be able to put more boards on the wall to hang his most used tools up. 

While the rain was here I have planted up seeds. A range of chili and peppers to try to grow on. I have never had any success with chilis but Kev likes them so I give it another go. The Spanish eat the milder ones in a pickle form and so this was how I was going to store them. I have also planted up artichokes and asparagus. They were old packet of seeds someone gave us, so I have put them in to see if any will germinate. 

For saying that we have only had 3 days this week without rain, we seem to have got quite a lot done in the garden. The front bed by the gate had a range of brassicas going to seed. We removed all the finished ones but left two broccoli plants so that we can collect and store the seed. So far in this bed we have the asparagus that is starting to sprout and beans growing up against the fence. These beans are for drying so we just leave them. I want to store them to make baked beans from. Kev has built some frames in the space where the brassicas were and these are for my cherry tomatoes. I have grown on red and yellow ones. The yellow ones are going to go here so as I don't get any cross pollination and I can collect and save the seeds for next year.

We have managed to set up 2 circular watering systems on the new terrace. These will eventually be for my citrus trees I plan on planting there. At this time though we are going to use it for planting the 3 sisters. On the outer ring we have planted the corn that we grew on and seeds too. On the inside ring we have planted squash the we have grown on. and once the corn is established and about 15cm tall I will plant beans next to them. The idea is that they will all support one another. The squash will produce ground cover to stop evaporation. The corn will grow tall and give shade and support for the beans to grow up. The beans are nitrogen fixers and so will give the corn the nitrogen it needs to grow. This is the theory, we will watch how well it works.

With all of the rain we have had the grass/weeds have grown immensely. It is only a few weeks since I strimmed but it had to be done again. I spent 2 afternoons doing the front and back, just trying to keep it under control and tidy.