Today was spent weeding around the fruit trees ready for the garlic to be planted. The garlic is a companion plant that keeps the aphids away. It worked really well last year so hopefully will do the same again this year.
Next was tidying up the herb wheels. The first one by the shed was not too bad to do but the other one was very over grown. Two hours of weeding and no where near finished. Also some of the rocks had sunk a little so the soil was beginning to cover them to had to spend time taking them out and relaying them. About another 4 hours work and we should be ready to plant the new herbs!
Kev was out this morning collecting wood as this years wood pile is going down fast. Then he spent a little time digging the last of the beds at the we are almost ready for spring.
Tomorrow I go back to the posts will go back to just being at the weekend. Can´t say I am looking forward to it as I know there is way too much work to do here.