Today in Spain is Christmas day. Called the day of the 3 kings, everyone gives gifts. The story is that the 3 kings bring all the gifts and leave them in the shoes of anyone that leaves them outside. People all over Spain today are getting up and eating a special breakfast...Roscon de Reyes. In side the cake are little figures that each mean a different thing. You are said to be lucky if you find one in your slice of cake.

This week the weather has been up and down. The beginning of the week was cloudy with some sunshine but by the end of the week we had strong northerly winds. There hasn't been much work completed this week.
We have had to run the generator too this week. No sunshine means no power so we run the generator for an hour or so just to keep the batteries topped up. With the winds we have had, the wind turbine has been working overtime. At the weekend, with all the wind, we have used the generator twice and only for about 30 minutes as by then the batteries were almost full.
We used Saturday to plant up lots of seeds. They will be outside during the sunny days and brought into the kitchen at night to stop the frost getting to them. This should speed up germination and have the plants ready to go in the garden by March.

As you can see we have lots and as they start to germinate we will not be able to stack them. Guess we will be having to leave little pathways through the kitchen so that we can get to stuff!
Saturday lunch time a friend brought us a gift of honey and plum jam. We sat for an hour chatting about this and that over a cup of coffee before she left carrying a dozen eggs.
It is right in the heart of Winter and the hens are supposed to stop laying at this time of the year. They did slow down a little in November but production seems to have gone through the roof now. Our new hens, hatched in August have just started to lay. The eggs are very small but they will increase in size as time goes on. We think we may need to start selling the eggs as we have about 6 dozen and are running out of boxes to keep them in.

Saturday evening, when I went to bed, there was a banging noise from the roof. The winds were very strong and obviously something was moving around up there. At 1am I got up, not being able to sleep with the constant banging. Kev decided to go up on the roof and look (I was not happy about this with the winds!) He found that the cover we had placed over the roof of the ensuite bathroom was moving in the wind. He put lots of rocks on it to hold it still and finally the banging ceased and sleep was had by all!
Sunday morning Kev got up with a pain in his hip. He says it feels like he has hit it on something. (Possibly the roof?)  I know it hurts as you can see him limping. As Kev does, he tries to carry on but I think he may have to rest up a while this week to let it heal. 
Modesto the shepherd arrived about 10.30am Sunday morning with a present for us. He gave us some venison! We love venison and believe me this meat will be put to good use. I am researching recipes as I type!
The rest of Sunday was spent indoors with the fires lit. The winds made it impossible to do anything outside so we decided to have a lazy day.